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World Bank Government Analytics Fellowship Program 2024

Discover an unparalleled opportunity with the World Bank Government Analytics Fellowship Program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bridging the gap between the wealth of government data and the potential for improved public administration efficiency through data-driven decision-making. This unique program, supported by World Bank experts and academics, draws insights from the Government Analytics Handbook to empower fellows with the tools needed to enhance government operations effectively.


By participating in this Fellowship, you will gain valuable data-driven insights and expertise to unlock the potential of governmental data, enabling you to make informed decisions and shape policies strategically. Moreover, you will have the chance to drive impactful change within your government by leveraging cutting-edge research and expert guidance to implement transformative initiatives. Additionally, you will become part of a collaborative network comprising government officials, data experts, academics, and professionals, fostering a dynamic environment for shared learning and growth.

To qualify for this prestigious Fellowship, applicants must meet specific criteria, including the ability to travel to Washington DC between May 27 to June 7, nomination by their organizations, and proficiency in English. Mid-level managers or senior analysts with the mandate to develop government analytics projects are encouraged to apply. Furthermore, candidates should have prior coursework in statistics or related quantitative methods to ensure a solid foundation for the program. If you are ready to seize this exceptional opportunity, prepare your application by March 31, 2024, and take the first step towards transforming your government’s operations. Apply now through the World Bank’s official portal to embark on a journey of knowledge, collaboration, and impactful change.

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