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VLIR-UOS Masters Scholarships (ICP Connect) – Belgium 2024-2025

8 months ago


VLIR-UOS Masters Scholarships (ICP Connect) - Belgium 2024-2025

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to earn a Masters’s degree program in Belgium? Look no further than VLIR-UOS, which offers ICP Connect Master’s scholarships to students from 29 eligible countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. If you are a resident of one of these countries and are under 35 for an initial master’s or 45 for an advanced master’s, you may be eligible to receive a full scholarship for a 12-24-month program. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel, insurance, and living expenses (board and lodging) for the entire duration of the program.

VLIR-UOS offers a variety of fields of study and programs including Master of Human Settlements, Master of Development Evaluation and Management, Master of Governance and Development, Master of Globalisation and Development, and Master of Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies (CADES). The program also includes an International Master of Science in Agro- and Environmental Nematology, International Master of Science in Rural Development, Master of Aquaculture, Master of Epidemiology, Master of Science in Food Technology, Master of Science in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management, Master of Statistics and Data Science, Master in Sustainable Development, Master of Transportation Sciences – Road Safety, and Master of Water Resources Engineering.


It is important to note that scholarship applications are limited to one per year and must be submitted before the deadline. The deadline varies and is determined by the program, but most deadlines are around 1 February or 28 February/1 March 2024. To apply for the scholarship, visit the university’s website and apply for both the program and the scholarship. When you apply for the program, mention whether you wish to apply for a scholarship. For detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship, visit the official website or the websites of the specific Master’s Programmes you have chosen.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to further your education and advance your career with the VLIR-UOS Master’s Degree Scholarship. Apply today and take the first step towards a brighter future.

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