US Embassy EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP) 2024/2025

The US Embassy is thrilled to announce the launch of the 2024/2025 EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP), now open to qualified candidates from all states in Nigeria who aspire to pursue their studies in the United States. This program aims to assist determined and talented low-income students in Nigeria by providing them with the necessary financial support and access to information to enhance their educational prospects. For the 12th consecutive year, the United States Embassy in Nigeria is seeking academically accomplished and highly motivated individuals to participate in the EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP).


Sponsored by the US Embassy in collaboration with Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, this fully funded scholarship opportunity is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate study levels at various institutions in the USA. The program covers all expenses related to the application process, including registration fees for standardized exams, and offers free membership to the U.S. EducationUSA Advising Center. Eligible Nigerian students are encouraged to apply and demonstrate their commitment to realizing their academic goals in the United States by actively engaging in the program.


Interested applicants should complete the application form and submit the required documents by the deadline of 31st March 2024. The selection process for the EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program (OFP) is highly competitive and focuses on academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, leadership experience, community service engagement, and demonstrated financial need. For more information and to apply, visit the official website and take the first step towards a transformative educational journey in the United States.


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