UNIV’R University Corridors Program 2024

The UNIV’R university corridor program is launching its third edition and inviting applications from refugees who are residing in the first country of asylum and are interested in pursuing a master’s degree (2 years) within a higher education establishment in mainland France. This program aims to provide beneficiaries with easier access to the university system, and administrative, social, and financial support. Successful applicants will receive a study and living scholarship for the total duration of the master’s degree.


Benefits of UNHCR UNIV’R University Corridors Program
The UNHCR UNIV’R University Corridors Program is a fully-funded opportunity that covers various expenses including application fees, tuition, books, monthly stipend (e.g. food allowance), housing, local transportation expenses, health insurance, mentoring or psycho-social support, travel costs to the third country, visa, pre-admission exam fees, settling in, and transition of documents. This program will enable beneficiaries to focus on their studies by providing them with all the necessary resources and support.


Requirements for UNHCR UNIV’R University Corridors Program
This program has open eligibility criteria and is available for all nationalities and countries of asylum. Applicants must hold refugee certificates and have a language proficiency level of B2 in either English or French, the language of instruction.

Application Deadline
The deadline for submitting applications for the UNHCR UNIV’R University Corridors Program is March 5th, 2024.

How to Apply
If you’re interested and qualified, you can apply through the United Nations Human Rights website. Simply visit to submit your application. This is a unique opportunity for refugees to pursue a higher education degree without any financial burden. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and apply today!


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