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University of Trento Scholarship for Non-EU students living abroad 2024

4 months ago


University of Trento Scholarship for Non-EU students living abroad 2024

The University of Trento Scholarship for non-EU students living abroad is now available for applications from international students who meet the necessary criteria. This scholarship opportunity is designed for top-performing non-EU students residing outside the European Union and applying for the Master in Innovation Management program at the University of Trento in Italy. Successful applicants will receive a yearly scholarship worth 7.200 €, in addition to waived tuition fees. The Master Manager will notify selected students about their acceptance to the Master’s program.

The University of Trento scholarship offers several awards for eligible candidates at the Master’s level. Renewal of the scholarship for the second year is contingent upon the student’s credit accumulation by August 10th of the first year. It is important to note that meeting the criteria for a fee waiver does not automatically qualify a student for the scholarship. The Evaluation Committee will determine scholarship recipients based on the final ranking list, with a minimum application score requirement of 70 points. Interested applicants should apply online, and no additional application is needed for scholarship consideration.


To qualify for the University of Trento Scholarship for non-EU students living abroad, applicants must be international students residing outside the EU, pursuing a master’s degree on a full-time basis, and meet the minimum application score requirement. For further information and to apply, visit the official website before the ongoing application deadline. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your studies at the University of Trento with financial support and academic recognition.

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