University of Pretoria Tuks Young Research Leadership Program (TYRLP) 2024

Unlock the door to transformative leadership and innovation with the Tuks Young Research Leaders Programme (TYRLP), a distinguished initiative brought to life through the collaboration between the University of Pretoria, the Africa Science Leadership Programme (ASLP), Inclusive Innovation, and the generous support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Designed with a vision to propel early career researchers across a spectrum of disciplines—including the sciences, engineering, social sciences, arts, and humanities—towards groundbreaking achievements, the TYRLP stands as a beacon for those eager to make significant strides in their academic and professional journeys.

At its core, the TYRLP is committed to nurturing the next generation of thought leaders and innovators at the University of Pretoria. By focusing on critical areas such as thought leadership, team development, and strategic engagement and collaboration, the programme is tailored to empower participants to tackle the multifaceted challenges that society faces today. Moreover, it aims to cultivate a vibrant community of young researchers who are not only aligned with the University’s aspirations for research excellence as envisioned in the UP 2025 strategy but are also poised to elevate the institution’s status as a research-intensive university of global repute.


The TYRLP adopts an experiential learning model, blending theory with practical application through a dynamic, two-day workshop held at the state-of-the-art Future Africa Campus. Participants will immerse themselves in a curriculum that encompasses collective leadership, creative and systems thinking, stakeholder engagement, and much more, all while being supported by a network of peers and mentors. This hands-on approach encourages participants to conceptualize and implement leadership projects that pave the way for new scientific paradigms. With a focus on diversity and excellence, the programme invites early-career academics who exhibit leadership potential and a passion for collaborative, interdisciplinary research to apply. Mark your calendars for key dates: the application deadline on April 22, 2024, and the TYRLP Workshop scheduled for June 20-21, 2024. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to join a community of change-makers dedicated to shaping the future of science and leadership at the University of Pretoria.

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