University Of Global Health Equity (UGHE) Masters in Global Nursing Leadership Admissions For African Students 2024

The University of Global Health Equity’s Office of Admissions adopts a comprehensive approach to the admissions process for the UGHE Masters Scholarship. The Admissions Committee carefully considers a wide array of application criteria, such as supplemental documents, professional experience, exams, interviews, and alignment with UGHE’s mission and vision.


UGHE Masters Scholarship offers successful candidates a 100% tuition-only scholarship, with the condition that they commit to completing the program; otherwise, they must refund the scholarship amount. The program includes online delivery of 80% of the MGNL curriculum, requiring students to have access to computers and high-speed internet, and attending exams on campus for 2 weeks each semester. Students are responsible for expenses outside UGHE’s Butaro campus, including airfare, accommodation, meals, and visa fees, as well as personal items and toiletries.


To qualify for the UGHE Masters Scholarship, applicants must meet specific requirements, including a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited program, 5-7 years of RN experience, current employment, a non-restricted RN practice license, and proficiency in English. The selection process involves an entrance exam, admissions interview, and submission of documents like a letter of support from the employer, professional references, CV, purpose essay, and a personal interview with UGHE faculty. Interested and eligible candidates can apply on the University Of Global Health Equity (UGHE) website at before the application deadline on November 30, -0001.


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