UNICEF Leading Minds Fellowship on Climate 2024 – Apply Now

Are you a young individual between the ages of 15 and 25 who is actively involved in climate action within your community and beyond? If you aspire to play a vital role in shaping not only your future but also the future of a world grappling with its most significant crisis, UNICEF invites you to seize this opportunity.


UNICEF is on the lookout for enthusiastic young leaders to join the core team of the Leading Minds Fellows on Climate program. This intensive six-month fellowship is tailored to nurture and leverage the skills of young climate advocates. As a part-time paid fellow, you will have the chance to influence the agenda of UNICEF’s Leading Minds conference in 2024, which focuses on climate advancements.


The Leading Minds conference series is a forward-thinking initiative and a prominent platform for global intellectual leadership, co-crafted and driven by young minds. It aims to bring together cutting-edge thinkers, including emerging advocates, to delve into pressing, world-altering issues for children and youth. This is a space where innovative ideas transition into impactful actions, turning thought leaders into change agents.


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