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UNESCO Learning City Award 2024 – Apply Now

2 months ago


UNESCO Learning City Award 2024 - Apply Now

Showcasing Excellence in Education: The UNESCO Learning City Award

The UNESCO Learning City Award is a prestigious accolade established to recognize and celebrate outstanding practices in promoting quality education and lifelong learning at the local level. Presented every three years, this award is given to cities across UNESCO’s five regions that have demonstrated significant advancements in developing learning cities by adhering to the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) guiding documents. This award is exclusive to UNESCO GNLC member cities and is valid for one award cycle.


Why Apply for the UNESCO Learning City Award?

The award aims to honor cities that have made remarkable strides in fostering education and lifelong learning within their communities. By recognizing these achievements, the award not only highlights the cities’ dedication to education but also encourages other cities to implement best practices in learning city development. Winning cities gain international recognition, which can attract resources, partnerships, and further opportunities for growth in educational initiatives.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

To participate in the UNESCO Learning City Award 2024, cities must be members of the UNESCO GNLC for at least 12 months. Previous awardees must wait six years before reapplying, making those awarded in 2019 and 2021, as well as new members joining in 2024, ineligible for this cycle. The selection process focuses on developments made after joining the GNLC, evaluating cities based on their learning city plans, stakeholder coordination, resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation, inclusivity, lifelong learning culture, innovative practices, and contributions to GNLC activities.

Application Process and Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications is May 31, 2024. Interested cities must complete the award application form, provide supporting materials such as articles and videos, and obtain the mayor’s signature on the application. Additionally, a signed consent form is required. Applications should be sent to the city’s National Commission for UNESCO, which can nominate up to two cities for the award. Detailed guidelines and the nomination form are available on the UNESCO website.

For more information and to download the necessary forms, please visit the UNESCO website. This award offers an incredible opportunity for cities to gain recognition for their efforts in advancing education and lifelong learning, and to inspire others to follow their lead.

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