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UNESCO-Kulturweit Incoming Exchange Program for Africans to Study in Germany 2024

Experience a unique opportunity to delve into the complex history of colonialism through the UNESCO-Kulturweit Incoming Exchange Program 2024, a collaborative initiative between UNESCO and kulturweit-Incoming inviting individuals from African countries and Germany. This program encourages participants to explore various aspects of colonial history and develop projects focusing on culture, education, and sustainability that can be implemented in Germany. Together, participants will work on projects combating racism in various settings such as theatres, museums, schools, clubs, initiatives, and companies in Germany.


The program encompasses a two-month language course followed by a three-month project phase in Germany, offering financial and educational support to all participants. By joining kulturweit-Incoming, you contribute to creating a world free from discrimination. Successful applicants will not only gain international exposure but also have the opportunity to unleash their creativity during the project phase and build a lasting network. This initiative, funded by the Federal Foreign Office, plays a crucial role in the German government’s efforts against right-wing extremism and racism.

To be eligible for the UNESCO-Kulturweit Incoming Exchange Program 2024, applicants must meet specific criteria, including being from eligible countries, possessing basic language skills in German, French, or English, having a valid passport for a Schengen visa application, and demonstrating excellent academic abilities. If you are interested in this enriching experience, complete the online application by addressing questions related to your motivation, educational background, project ideas, and any personal medical needs. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative program and visit the official website for more details. Apply before the deadline on March 10, 2024, and embark on a journey of learning, collaboration, and cultural exchange.

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