Trinity Leadership Fellows Program 2024

The Trinity Leadership Fellows Program is a unique opportunity for individuals seeking to deepen their faith-inspired and values-driven mindsets and skills to effectively lead organizations and serve communities in today’s society. The program is designed to create lifelong peer and mentoring relationships while providing a non-residential, fully-funded experience.


The program is open to professional and community leaders who are people of faith, as well as ordained leaders across various faith traditions. The program aims to equip these leaders with the practical skills and mindsets that are required to empower their congregations and communities in ways that heal divides and disrupt injustice, as compelled by the Spirit and Gospel.


The program offers fellows a chance to learn from leading scholars from Harvard, experts in the field, and mentors interconnected through their faith and Trinity’s core values. Fellows will also build life-changing relationships with like-minded peers who share the passion for faith-driven leadership that produces positive change in our world.

The Most Rev. Bishop Michael Bruce Curry invites all who are interested to apply for this opportunity to become an instrument of God’s love, justice, and compassion, inspired by faith and enabled by practical methods.

If you have a bachelor’s or equivalent degree and are passionate about faith-driven leadership, regardless of your nationality, religion, caste, or culture, you are eligible to apply. The application deadline is January 31, 2024. To apply, visit Trinity Church’s website at


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