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Top List of Tuition Free Universities in Norway 2024

Are you considering studying abroad but worried about the cost of tuition? Consider Norway as your destination. Norway offers tuition-free education to international students at several universities across the country. While Norway is known for its high cost of living, it also provides high-quality education at no cost to international students.


Norway is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe, covering an area of 385,207 square kilometres and having a population of 5,425,270. Despite its small size, Norway is renowned for its universities and colleges that offer quality education. Many of these institutions offer courses and degree programs taught in English, making it easy for international students to study in Norway.

Here are some of the tuition-free universities in Norway that international students can consider:

  1. Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
  2. University of Bergen
  3. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  4. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
  5. Ostfold University College
  6. Arctic University of Norway
  7. Oslo Metropolitan University
  8. University of South-Eastern Norway
  9. Nord University
  10. University of Agder

At these universities, international students do not have to pay tuition fees. However, they may be required to pay a semester fee for student programs and welfare services. The fees are usually nominal, ranging from NOK 470 to NOK 929 ($55 to $108) per semester.

Norway is a great place to study, offering a safe and welcoming environment for international students. With tuition-free education and high-quality institutions, it’s no wonder that Norway has become a popular destination for students from around the world. If you’re considering studying abroad, Norway is worth adding to your list of options.

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