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THRIVE Academy Agri-Food Tech Pre-Accelerator Program 2024

Are you an entrepreneur, early-stage firm, or researcher in the agri-food tech sector looking to commercialize your inventions? Look no further than the THRIVE Academy Agri-Food Tech Pre-Accelerator Program. This 12-week immersive program is designed to assist idea stage and pre-seed stage entrepreneurs in de-risking and validating their ideas, while also preparing them to obtain funding and develop a go-to-market plan.


The THRIVE Academy program offers a range of benefits to participants. Firstly, it is specifically designed to accelerate rapid progress towards commercial outcomes. Secondly, participants will be matched with mentors from an extensive network of industry insiders, corporates, alumni, and investors. Thirdly, the program teaches the fundamentals of what founders need to be investment-ready, ensuring that participants have the highest chance of success when seeking outside funding. Fourthly, participants will receive support in testing and validating their ideas, making fast, informed, and de-risked decisions that minimize risk. Fifthly, participants will have the opportunity to access Old’s College Smart Farm and other PSIs to evaluate, demonstrate, and validate their developing technology. Finally, selected startups will have the opportunity to graduate into THRIVE’s Canada or Global Accelerator programs.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must be pre-seed to seed-stage agri-food tech companies, researchers or university teams looking to commercialize a technology, or early-stage innovators with ground-breaking ideas for agri-food tech. The application deadline is January 12, 2024. Interested and qualified applicants can apply at THRIVE on Join the THRIVE Academy Agri-Food Tech Pre-Accelerator Program and receive the tools and support to build a company foundation for scalable growth.

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