The 234 Community Impact Challenge for Nigerian Students 2024

In line with the mission to empower and inspire the youth of Nigeria to become catalysts for positive change in their communities, The 234 Community Impact Challenge has been designed to cultivate a generation of proactive problem-solvers. By encouraging students to tackle local issues through innovative solutions, the Challenge aims to instil a sense of civic responsibility and foster a culture of impactful engagement within the community. Through this initiative, participants have the opportunity to not only enhance their skills but also make a tangible difference by implementing thoughtful and user-centric projects.


The 234 Project Foundation Community Impact Challenge offers a range of rewards to motivate and support participants throughout their journey. From exclusive training sessions for the top 50 winners to seed funds for the top 10 participants and substantial prizes for the overall winners, the Challenge provides a platform for young changemakers to turn their ideas into impactful realities. With a focus on nurturing talent and driving social change, the Challenge serves as a beacon of hope for the future of Nigeria by empowering its youth to lead the way in creating lasting, positive transformations within their communities.


For those interested in taking part in this transformative experience, the application process is straightforward. Simply visit The 234 Project Foundation website at and follow the guidelines outlined for each stage of the Challenge. By creating a 90-second video showcasing a community issue and your proposed solution, participants have the chance to not only showcase their creativity but also embark on a journey towards making a meaningful impact. With the deadline set for March 31, 2024, aspiring changemakers are encouraged to seize this opportunity to be the driving force behind positive change in Nigeria.


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