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Swedish Institute (SI) Global Executive Program For Executive Businesses 2024

Are you a seasoned executive dedicated to reshaping the future of business and tackling the sustainability challenge head-on? Embrace the opportunity to participate in the Swedish Institute (SI) Global Executive Programme and glean insights from some of Sweden’s most successful sustainability cases, business leaders, and experts in the field. In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, there is an urgent demand for forward-thinking business leaders who can not only drive positive change within their organizations but also contribute to addressing societal issues. Sweden has a rich history of fostering innovation to advance sustainability, with executives, researchers, and policymakers collaborating to generate transformative ideas for a more sustainable society.


The SI Global Executive Programme is specifically designed for senior executives, including CEOs and other top corporate managers, who are passionate about integrating sustainability into the core strategies of their businesses. This program serves as a platform to share Sweden’s wealth of sustainable business practices with global participants and offers a unique opportunity to engage with 100 leaders from 22 countries. Scheduled to run from May to November 2024, the program features online sessions throughout, as well as a one-week onsite module in Sweden. Participants can expect interactive workshops, lectures, coaching sessions, and networking opportunities with industry representatives in Sweden. The program encourages active participation and provides practical solutions that can be implemented within your organization seamlessly.

If you meet the requirements, including being a citizen and resident of selected countries, holding a leadership position in a medium to large company, and having a strong command of English, you are encouraged to apply before the March 12, 2024 deadline. The selection process will evaluate your motivation, experience, and your company’s commitment to sustainable practices. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your understanding of sustainability, develop leadership skills, and build a global network of like-minded professionals. Take the first step towards shaping a more sustainable future by applying to the SI Global Executive Programme today at the Swedish Institute website.

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