Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Program 2025

Embark on a transformative journey with the Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Programme, designed for Africa’s brightest minds ready to make a real impact through confidence and collaboration. This unique opportunity invites individuals to join a dynamic marketing team, where they will play a pivotal role in various marketing functions. From corporate communications to brand management, this position offers a diverse range of responsibilities aimed at nurturing your marketing skills and fostering professional growth.


The Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Programme offers a multitude of benefits, including the chance to support the marketing team in executing various activities, such as producing marketing materials, coordinating communication efforts, and managing events. Additionally, applicants will have the opportunity to enhance their project management, copywriting, and communication skills while gaining valuable experience in a corporate setting. This programme values personal attributes like resilience, customer focus, and a commitment to core values such as care, collaboration, innovation, and integrity.


To be considered for this exciting opportunity, applicants should hold a B. Com in Marketing or a related field, possess strong marketing knowledge, and demonstrate proficiency in key areas like project management and copywriting. If you are a proactive individual with a passion for marketing and a drive to succeed, seize the chance to apply for the Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Programme before the deadline on May 31, 2024. Take the first step towards a rewarding career by submitting your application today.


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