Prince Claus Fund 2024 Building Beyond Mentorship Program for African Students

Embark on a transformative journey with the Prince Claus Fund’s Building Beyond Mentorship Program, a unique initiative designed for artists and creatives who are eager to explore and expand their interaction with the built environment. This program is a haven for those seeking to infuse their local surroundings with innovative ideas and shared insights from across the continent, fostering a deeper engagement with urban spaces as fluid and interpretable landscapes. Our mission is to nurture practices that resonate with the dynamic interplay between communities and public spaces, sparking dialogues around resilience, creativity, and collective urban imagination.

The Building Beyond initiative selects 12 accomplished artists and creatives, boasting 7 to 15 years of professional experience, to partake in a year-long exploration under the guidance of four esteemed mentors. This journey is not just about individual growth; it’s about creating a vibrant ecosystem of conversation, collaboration, and mutual inspiration. Participants will delve into their practices, engage with a diverse network of peers and external experts, and emerge with enriched perspectives and tangible projects that mirror their developmental journey throughout the mentorship.


Delve into the core of the Prince Claus Fund Building Beyond Mentorship Program, which not only offers a generous €10,000 award but also an enriching schedule of activities. Highlights include peer and guest speaker sessions, as well as two immersive ‘Lab Weeks’ in Africa and the Netherlands, designed to broaden participants’ networks and horizons. Open to artists and cultural practitioners from a wide range of eligible countries, this program seeks individuals with a strong connection to architecture, design, and urban communities. If you’re ready to contribute to a collective exploration of artistic and spatial practices, mark your calendar for the application deadline on May 14, 2024. Embark on this creative expedition by applying through the Prince Claus Funds portal at and take the first step towards reimagining the possibilities of our urban landscapes.

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