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PAGES Africa Mobility Research Fellowship Program for Early-Career Scientists 2024

Introducing the PAGES Africa Mobility Research Fellowship Program: Unlocking Opportunities for Early-Career Researchers in African Paleoscience

The PAGES Africa Mobility Research Fellowship Program stands as a beacon of opportunity for early-career researchers in African countries, particularly those engaged in the pivotal stages of PhD studies or navigating the postdoctoral landscape at African institutions. This initiative is thoughtfully designed to foster the development of collaborative research and fortify the paleoscience network across the continent by offering essential support for travel and subsistence expenses. Participants aiming to expand their research experience in a new African country will find this program an invaluable stepping stone towards achieving their academic and professional goals.


Fellowship Support and Benefits

At the heart of the program lies a commitment to alleviating the financial burdens associated with international travel and living expenses incurred during the exchange period. Beneficiaries of the fellowship can expect comprehensive coverage for flight tickets (economy class), visa fees, and accommodation expenses, ensuring a focus on academic pursuits without the worry of financial constraints. It is important to note, however, that the grant does not extend to insurance coverage, and the responsibility for unforeseen travel complications, such as flight cancellations, remains with the candidate.

Eligibility, Application Process, and Key Dates

The fellowship is open to early-career researchers who are either on the cusp of completing their PhD or within five years post-PhD completion, provided they are affiliated with an African institution and are citizens of an African country. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to a research topic within PAGES’ scientific scope and express a willingness to conduct research in another African country. Securing a host researcher/institution’s agreement and a confirmation letter is a prerequisite for the award. The selection process will emphasize the merit and quality of the application, which should include a detailed research and travel proposal, an impact statement, a project timeline, a budget, two letters of recommendation, and a CV. The deadline for applications is set for August 15, 2024.

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the Past Global Changes (PAGES) website at to apply and for more detailed information. This fellowship program not only aims to support the individual growth of early-career researchers but also to significantly contribute to the broader goal of enhancing paleoscience research and collaboration across Africa.

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