Offot Ukwa Association (USA) International Scholarship 2024 for Nigerian Undergraduate Students

Introducing the Offot Ukwa Association (USA) Inc Scholarship Program 2024, dedicated to empowering academic excellence and providing vital support to students from Offot Ukwa on their educational path. This esteemed scholarship opportunity is tailored for Offot Ukwans enrolled in various Nigerian public tertiary institutions, spanning universities, polytechnics, nursing schools, and colleges of education.


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USA Undergraduate Scholarship
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The USA Undergraduate Scholarship is a beacon of hope for students hailing from the 22 villages of Offot Ukwa, offering a gateway to further their educational aspirations devoid of financial burdens. It underscores the association’s unwavering dedication to fostering intellectual development and academic triumph among its community members.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be authentic residents of the 22 villages in Offot Ukwa and enrolled in Nigerian public tertiary institutions. The application deadline is unspecified, and interested individuals can apply through the Offot Ukwa Association (USA) website at One crucial aspect of the application process involves submitting an essay on “The Impact of Social Media on Offot Ukwa Youths and Its Implications for the Future of the Country.” This topic encourages critical analysis of social media’s influence on youth and broader societal consequences, allowing applicants to showcase their analytical prowess, creativity, and visionary outlook. For further information, visit the USA website.


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