NWAG Scholarship Awards for Nigerian Students 2024

The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) Inc. USA is thrilled to announce the NWAG Scholarship Awards for Nigerian Students pursuing undergraduate programs in Nigerian Universities. This prestigious award comprises 111 one-time scholarships, with three scholarships allocated per state of origin and an additional three for Federal Capital Territory (FCT) students.


Each successful recipient of the 2024 scholarship will be granted three hundred US dollars ($300), with the 1st and 2nd runners receiving one hundred and fifty US dollars ($150) and one hundred US dollars respectively. The scholarships will be awarded in the Naira equivalent. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship require applicants to be Nigerian undergraduate students enrolled in full-time programs and to articulate their need for the scholarship concisely. Additionally, applicants must submit a two-page essay addressing the issue of the brain drain phenomenon in Nigeria and its impact on education.


To apply, interested candidates should visit the NWAG website at to download the application form. Along with the completed form, applicants must submit various documents including proof of state of origin, letters of recommendation from specified authorities, a current university ID, and a recent photograph. The deadline for application submission is May 31, 2024. For more information, kindly refer to the official website.


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