Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) African Scholarship Programme for African Researchers 2024

Embrace the Opportunity: African Scholarship Programme for Early Career Researchers in Social Sciences and Humanities


Are you an early career researcher based in Africa with a passion for exploring the realms of Social Sciences and Humanities? The Nordic Africa Institute presents a golden opportunity for you to delve into your research projects at their esteemed institution. The African Scholarship Programme beckons, offering not just access to the Institute’s rich library and resources, but also a chance to interact with top researchers, network with peers, and bask in a conducive research environment. This initiative aims to empower African researchers, foster knowledge production about Africa, and nurture relationships between African and Nordic research communities.


The benefits of the NAI African Scholarship Programme are both generous and enticing. Picture yourself flying to Uppsala with a return airfare covered, accommodation provided, and a daily subsistence allowance to fuel your research pursuits. With access to a desk computer in a shared office space, the Institute ensures you have all the tools necessary to thrive in your academic endeavours. Immerse yourself in the specialized literature on contemporary Africa at the Institute’s library, broaden your horizons at Uppsala University Library and the Library of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and showcase your research during your stay at the Nordic Africa Institute.

To be eligible for this prestigious opportunity, early career researchers focusing on contemporary Africa within the disciplines of Social Sciences and Humanities are encouraged to apply. Whether you are a doctoral student in an African university or a postdoctoral researcher, this scholarship is tailored to support your academic journey. The selection process prioritizes fairness, aiming for a balanced distribution in terms of gender and geographic representation. Remember, the application deadline is April 10, 2024 – seize this chance to elevate your research and broaden your academic horizons. For more information on how to apply, visit the NAI website and embark on a transformative research experience.


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