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2024 NIHR Global Advanced Fellowship Program for Developing Countries

Introducing the NIHR Global Advanced Fellowship: A Pathway to Leadership in Global Health Research

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) is proud to announce the Global Advanced Fellowship, a prestigious mid-career postdoctoral award designed to forge a path for researchers in the field of Global Health. This initiative is dedicated to supporting postdoctoral researchers from the United Kingdom and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), offering them an unparalleled opportunity to advance their careers and emerge as leaders in their respective fields. The fellowship caters to individuals at various stages of their postdoctoral journey, underscoring our commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic research community.


Central to the Global Advanced Fellowship is its focus on research that delivers tangible benefits to LMICs eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA). With a generous funding provision of up to £750,000, the program seeks to empower researchers to undertake projects that directly impact the health and well-being of populations in these regions. Open to both clinical and non-clinical professionals, the fellowship emphasizes inclusivity and encourages applications from a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds.

Eligibility and Application Details:
To qualify for the NIHR Global Advanced Fellowship, applicants must fulfil several criteria, including holding a relevant PhD or postgraduate medical research degree (or being in the process of submission at the time of application), not currently holding a Professorship/Chair, and being employed by a Higher Education Institution (HEI) or Research Institute in an LMIC or the UK. Prospective fellows should be engaged in research poised to benefit patients and the public in countries listed on the OECD DAC list.

The application deadline is set for July 11, 2024. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the NIHR website and navigate to the ARAMIS system to initiate their application process. Detailed guidance, including step-by-step instructions for registration and application submission, is available to ensure a smooth and informed application experience.

This fellowship represents a significant commitment by the NIHR to not only enhance the capacity of Global Health researchers but also to address some of the most pressing health challenges faced by LMICs. By supporting the development of research leaders who are dedicated to making a difference, the Global Advanced Fellowship aims to contribute to the advancement of global health outcomes and equity.

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