Nigeria LNG Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism 2024

Literature is a thriving world of imagination that is sustained by a vibrant reading and critical culture. Without literary criticism, literature can hardly be said to have evolved. Literary criticism is a necessary tool for deepening interpretations, broadening outlooks, and enhancing the craft of creative writing. It also emphasizes a particular milieu, be it literary, historical, or imaginary. As such, literary criticism must be supported and encouraged for the robust development and growth of creative writing.


In recognition of the importance of literary criticism, Nigeria LNG Limited introduced the Nigerian Prize for Literary Criticism in 2012. The prize, which currently has a cash value of N1 million, aims to promote the growth of Nigerian literature by encouraging literary critics from all over the world to critique Nigerian literature. Nigerian literature is defined as literature on Nigeria and the Nigerian experience, with special consideration given to critical essays on the works of the new generation of Nigerian writers.


The deadline for the application for the Nigeria LNG Limited Literary Criticism Prize is April 2, 2024. The prize is worth USD10,000, and it is open to men and women who are interested in postgraduate studies in Nigeria. To apply, interested and qualified applicants should visit the Nigeria Prizes website to obtain the application form. Applicants are required to submit three literary criticism works focusing on Children’s Literature. The completed forms should be printed and submitted alongside the entries, which should not exceed a file size of 500 MB. Additionally, applicants should attach evidence of Nigerian citizenship (Nigerian passport or National Identity Card) and one scanned passport-sized photograph.

In conclusion, literary criticism is an essential tool for the growth and sustenance of literature. The Nigerian Prize for Literary Criticism, introduced by Nigeria LNG Limited, is an excellent opportunity for literary critics to promote Nigerian literature and enhance their knowledge and skills in literary criticism. Interested individuals can visit the Nigeria Prizes website for more information on how to apply for the prize.


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