Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF) Scholarship Program for Nigerian Students 2024

Step into the future with the 2024 Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF) Scholars Program! This prestigious opportunity aims to discover and empower talented young Nigerians enrolled in our Partner Universities, recognizing their academic prowess and holistic achievements in professional and extracurricular spheres. The program offers a transformative experience, equipping scholars with essential career skills and knowledge to navigate the global professional landscape successfully.


To qualify for the NHEF Scholars Program, candidates must exhibit a steadfast dedication to Leadership, Community Service, and Philanthropy, embodying the spirit of making a meaningful impact on a global scale. Eligible applicants are penultimate students at our Partner universities, comprising 300-level students pursuing four-year courses or 400-level students enrolled in five-year programs. The Scholars embark on a journey of growth through a weeklong orientation, comprehensive training sessions led by international experts, and immersive internship opportunities at Partner Firms, all aimed at fostering continuous personal and professional development.


For those eager to seize this life-changing opportunity, the application deadline is set for March 29, 2024. To apply, simply visit the NHEF application portal at and create an account to kickstart your journey towards becoming an NHEF Scholar. Remember to prepare your application materials diligently, including a CV, Cover Letter, and Statement of Result in PDF format. Embrace this chance to elevate your potential and shape a brighter future with the NHEF Scholars Program! Visit the NHEF website for further information and embark on a path towards excellence and growth.


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