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MTN/Pan-Atlantic University Media Innovation Programme 2024

4 months ago


MTN/Pan-Atlantic University Media Innovation Programme 2024

Unlock a world of possibilities in the media industry with the groundbreaking MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP), tailored exclusively for Nigerian media practitioners. This transformative six-month fellowship is designed to equip media professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and thrive in the rapidly evolving media landscape. Through a comprehensive curriculum that spans over six weeks, distributed across six months, participants will delve into the intricacies of media innovation and the vital role of technology in crafting impactful content.

Hosted by the collaborative efforts of MTN and Pan-Atlantic University, this fully funded initiative aims to foster the sustainable growth and development of Nigeria’s media sector. Open to a diverse range of media practitioners—from print journalists and broadcasters to digital content creators and social media influencers—the program offers a unique opportunity to enhance understanding of the technology sector’s influence on media. With a focus on the intersection of media and technology, participants will emerge better equipped to adapt and excel amidst the industry’s dynamic changes. Additionally, the fellowship grants access to invaluable professional resources and mentorship from the esteemed faculty of the School of Media and Communication (SMC).


Key Highlights of the MTN Media Innovation Programme:

  • In-depth Training: Participants will engage in 33 days of classroom learning, covering critical areas such as the Telecoms industry, Media Innovation, and advanced Writing & Reporting skills.
  • International Exposure: A highlight of the programme includes a fully-funded 7-day training experience in South Africa, offering a global perspective on media innovation.
  • Exclusive Access: The curriculum features a special day of learning at both the MTN Nigeria and MTN Group Headquarters, along with a unique opportunity for an industry visit and tour at the Innovation Hub.

Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants must be currently working within the media industry, possess a valid International Passport, successfully pass a written examination and any follow-up interviews, and obtain written consent from their employers for full participation in the programme.

Application Process:
The deadline for applications is April 5, 2024. To embark on this exciting journey towards media excellence, visit the MTN Foundation’s official application portal at

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your media career and make a lasting impact in the industry with the MTN Media Innovation Programme.

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