Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund for African Entrepreneurs 2024

Introducing the Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund, a visionary initiative with a commitment of USD$200 million aimed at supporting early-stage, growth-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Africa. This Fund of Funds collaborates with African investment funds to empower young individuals, especially young women, by creating dignified and fulfilling employment opportunities on the continent.


The primary objective of the Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund is to catalyze positive change by bolstering African investment funds that champion gender equality in entrepreneurship. By providing crucial support to SMEs through Business Development Services (BDS) and investing in gender-inclusive African enterprises, this initiative plays a pivotal role in advancing the Foundation’s Young Africa Works strategy. This strategy seeks to enable 30 million African youth, with a special focus on young women, to secure dignified employment by 2030.


For those interested in leveraging the benefits of the Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund, the key requirement is to be an SME owner based in Africa. By tapping into this Fund, entrepreneurs can access vital resources and opportunities that pave the way for significant job creation for women and youth. Take the first step towards empowerment by visiting the Mastercard Foundation’s website at to submit your application today.


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