Maastricht University Masters Scholarship – International Students 2024

Are you an international student outside of the European Union with a desire to pursue a master’s program? Look no further than the Maastricht University (UM) NL-High Potential Scholarship programme. This program offers 24 full scholarships, which include a tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend of €30,000 each academic year. The scholarship is designed for students who have been accepted into a master’s program at UM. The program consists of both the High Potential Scholarship, funded by the Maastricht University Scholarship Fund, and the NL Scholarship, financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science in conjunction with Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences.


To be eligible for this scholarship program, you must meet the following requirements. First, you must hold nationality in a country outside the EU/EEA, Switzerland, or Surinam and meet the requirements for obtaining an entry visa and residence permit for the Netherlands. Second, you must not hold a double nationality from an EU/EEA country. Third, you must have applied for admission to a participating full-time master’s program at Maastricht University (participating programs) for the 2024-2025 academic year. Fourth, you must meet the specific admission requirements of the UM master program to which you have applied. Fifth, you must have never participated in a degree-seeking higher education program in the Netherlands. Students who have completed exchange programs in the Netherlands are welcome to apply. Sixth, you must not be older than 35 years of age on 1 September 2024. Seventh, you must have obtained excellent results during your prior education programs, as demonstrated by your latest grade transcript or certified by academic excellence. If several applicants are equally qualified, UM will give preference to applicants whose academic transcript or certified letter of academic excellence demonstrates that they are among the top 5% of the 2024-2025 scholarship program applicants.


The selection process for this scholarship program is competitive, with only 2% of applicants receiving the award. The process begins with the UM International Services Desk checking if all applications are complete after 1 February 2024. Then, each Faculty selects and ranks their top 5% of scholarship applicants and sends these to the UM International Services Desk for a final check in March 2024. The UM International Services Desk will confirm the Faculty selections by the end of March 2024. Applicants will be informed of their application status in April 2024. Scholarship awardees will receive more information about the UM Pre-Academic Training program and arrival in Maastricht upon receiving their award letters. The UM Pre-Academic Training is a three-week mandatory component of the UM NL Scholarship program.

If you are interested and meet the requirements, you can apply by registering for one of the participating master’s programs at UM. After submitting your application via Studielink, you will receive a student ID number for UM. You will need a student number to complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form. Please note that the application deadline is February 1, 2024.


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