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Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy Fellowship Program for Young Nigerians 2024

3 months ago


Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy Fellowship Program for Young Nigerians 2024

Discover an Unparalleled Opportunity at the Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy (LJLA) Fellowship Program

Embark on a transformative journey with the Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy, where the next generation of leaders is forged through immersive experiences and strategic mentorship. This prestigious program is meticulously designed to empower ambitious young professionals with the skills, insights, and opportunities needed to address complex challenges across various sectors, particularly within the public domain.


At the heart of the LJLA Fellowship Program lies a unique blend of hands-on governance exposure, dynamic discussions with esteemed leaders from diverse sectors, and insightful policy exploration trips both locally and internationally. This comprehensive approach ensures participants not only gain a deeper understanding of governance at the state level but also build valuable networks and perspectives that transcend borders.

Fellowship Highlights:

  • Work Experience: Engage in a meaningful rotation, shadowing key members of the Lagos State Cabinet, to gain unparalleled insights into the inner workings of governance.
  • Leadership Development: Benefit from a robust curriculum featuring the Brown-Bag Series, Fireside Chats, Leadership Seminars, Personalized Coaching, and Continuous Multi-Source Feedback to hone your leadership prowess.
  • Community Service: Lead and implement transformative community projects that promise to significantly enhance the welfare of Lagosians, showcasing your ability to drive change.
  • Fellowship Network: Join an elite network of promising young leaders, fostering a community of mutual growth, national unity, and social consciousness through shared experiences and visions.

Who Can Apply?

The LJLA Fellowship is open to Nigerian nationals under 35 years of age who possess a bachelor’s degree, have at least three years of work experience, and have completed the NYSC program or hold an exemption. This program is an incredible chance for those committed to their personal growth and the development of their community.

Key Dates and Application Process:

  • Application Deadline: June 25, 2024
  • Fellowship Type: Partially Funded
  • Location: Nigeria

To apply, visit the Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy’s official website at The application journey includes an online submission, a Computer-Based Test for successful candidates, an essay to assess communication skills, followed by a competency-based interview. Successful applicants will be warmly welcomed into the program through an induction ceremony.

This fellowship is more than just a program; it’s a commitment to nurturing leadership that makes a difference. For further details and to embark on this life-changing opportunity, please visit the LJLA website.

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