KidsRights International Children’s Peace Prize – Young Changemakers 2024

The International Children’s Peace Prize is an esteemed award given annually to a child who bravely fights for the rights of children. The KidsRights organization presents this award to recognize children who have made a significant impact on their communities and beyond. The winner of the International Children’s Peace Prize receives the “Nkosi” statuette, the “Desmond Tutu Study and Care Fund” to help obtain an education, and a project fund of €100,000, which is invested in relevant children’s rights projects connected to the winner’s area of work. Moreover, the award provides a global platform for the winner to promote their work. The winner’s message will reach millions of people worldwide, just like the message of Nav and Vhiaan, the 2021 winners, who reached over 3.5 billion people.


To be eligible for the KidsRights International Children’s Peace Prize, a child must be between the ages of 12 and 17 by the nomination deadline, and have a clear history of advocating for children’s rights. The child should have an active approach towards achieving their goals, which has led to a concrete result. Additionally, the child must be willing and able to travel abroad and communicate with others. A group of children can also be nominated, provided that each individual in the group has made a provable effort and co-initiated activities that have resulted in significant change for the rights of children and the position of vulnerable children worldwide.


The application deadline for the 2024 KidsRights International Children’s Peace Prize is March 1, 2024. To apply, interested and qualified individuals should visit KidsRight at This is an excellent opportunity for children worldwide to showcase their efforts towards improving the lives of children and make a significant impact on their communities and beyond.


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