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2024 IWA Climate Smart Utilities Recognition Program

3 months ago


2024 IWA Climate Smart Utilities Recognition Program

The 2024 Climate Smart Utilities Recognition Programme, hosted during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, from August 11-15, 2024, is now welcoming applications. This prestigious event is an open invitation to water and sanitation utilities worldwide, offering a platform to showcase their commitment to climate-smart practices. The deadline for submissions is May 20, 2024, marking an essential date for those looking to participate in this transformative initiative.

By participating in this programme, utilities have a unique opportunity to highlight their achievements and progress in integrating climate-smart strategies within their operations. It serves not only as a forum for gaining international recognition but also as a catalyst for exchanging innovative ideas and fostering global partnerships amongst utilities striving for excellence in climate adaptation and mitigation. The programme is designed to celebrate the journey towards sustainability, with a special focus on those who have demonstrated significant advancements. To support this initiative, a generous financial package will be awarded to six distinguished utilities, covering travel, accommodation, and conference fees, thereby facilitating their presence at this global gathering.


The Climate Smart Utilities Recognition Programme by the International Water Association (IWA) seeks to engage and motivate utilities by highlighting the importance of a tri-pillar approach focusing on adaptation, mitigation, and leadership within the water sector. It aims to elevate awareness through the dissemination of success stories, encourage proactive engagement through structured guidance and peer exchanges, and acknowledge the efforts of those on the path to becoming climate-smart. The application process is straightforward, with detailed information available on the IWA website. This initiative not only underscores the critical role of water and sanitation utilities in addressing climate change but also provides a roadmap for achieving sustainable, resilient, and inclusive water management practices globally.

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