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Internet Society Early Career Fellowship 2024

6 months ago


Internet Society Early Career Fellowship 2024

Are you an early-career professional working in the Internet ecosystem? Do you have innovative ideas for growing and strengthening the Internet? The Internet Society’s Early Career Fellowship might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. This 5-month program offers unparalleled access to world-class experts, including American University’s Professor Dr. Laura DeNardis and eminent scholars from the Oxford Internet Institute.

In addition to expert guidance, fellows will also receive project management, advocacy, and diplomacy know-how, providing the foundation for fellows to become future champions of the internet. The program is designed for a cohort of 15 fellows, who will develop their knowledge and skills through seminars, events, courses, discussion sessions, and project work. Fellows will also have networking, mentoring, and collaboration opportunities. The program culminates in a final project presentation by each fellow at a closing symposium.


To qualify for the fellowship, candidates must be early career professionals working in the Internet ecosystem in a technical, policy, economic, or social capacity who have initiated or are interested in projects designed to grow or strengthen the Internet. Candidates must also have an undergraduate/vocational degree or at least three years of work experience in an internet-related field, less than ten years of working experience in an internet-related field, an innovative and impactful project proposal for growing and/or strengthening the internet, reliable access to broadband internet connection and relevant device, availability to fully participate in the 5-month experience, and proficiency in verbal and written English.

Interested applicants must commit a minimum of six hours per week for coursework, seminars, individual project work, and other program activities, complete the required 5 months, attend all required seminars or sessions, and manage time zone differences. The application deadline is February 7, 2024. If you meet the requirements and are interested in applying, visit the Internet Society’s website to learn more.

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