International Mathematical Union Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2024

The Abel Visiting Scholar Program is a fantastic opportunity for post-doctoral mathematicians in the early stages of their careers. The program offers mathematicians from developing countries the chance to visit an international research collaborator for one month, and for longer visits, applicants must provide evidence of financial support from the host institution to cover living expenses beyond the first month. The program is fully funded by the Abel Prize in Mathematics and is administered by the Commission for Developing Countries of the International Mathematical Union.


The grant covers a range of expenses for the applicant, including travel costs, visa fees, travel insurance charges, basic living costs for the first month, and accommodation costs in the host country. However, it is essential to note that the grant does not cover any travel costs, accommodation, or living expenses for additional trips, such as attending conferences or workshops.


To be eligible for the Abel Visiting Scholar Program, applicants must meet specific requirements, including holding a PhD in mathematics, being based in a developing country at the time of application, holding a position in a university or research institution, and being under 35 years of age at the application deadline. Women mathematicians are encouraged to apply, and the maximum age requirement may be increased by up to three years in the case of an individual with a broken career pattern.

The selection criteria for the program are based on the quality of the project and the benefit it provides to the home institution/country. Applications must be received at least four months before the desired starting date, and the selection committee will review the applications and award fellowships every four months. If you’re interested in applying for the Abel Visiting Scholar Program, complete the application form on the International Mathematical Union website and include all the required documents, including a CV, research statement, official invitation, letter of recommendation, and budget estimation.


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