Innovative Solutions World Habitat Awards 2024

The World Habitat Awards is a prestigious recognition programme that has been honouring innovative, outstanding, and sometimes revolutionary housing ideas, projects, and programmes from around the globe for over three decades. With more than 360 outstanding projects recognised over the years, the awards programme has demonstrated substantial and lasting improvements in living conditions.


The World Habitat Awards Innovative Solutions aim to recognise and highlight housing ideas, projects, and programmes that are affordable and adequate, have taken action to address the climate emergency, are in progress or have been completed in the last ten years, promote diversity, equality and inclusion, and have been designed and/or delivered in close collaboration with the residents/local community. Entrepreneurs, men, and women from all around the world are encouraged to apply for this award.


The two GOLD Award-winning projects will receive a trophy in recognition of their work to develop and deliver good practice in housing, prize money of £10,000, follow-up support from World Habitat through our exChange programme, and entry to the World Habitat Awards Network, along with the Silver and Bronze winners.

If you have a housing project that meets the above requirements, we encourage you to apply before the March 3, 2024, deadline. Please note that projects at the design/prototype/planning stage or completed over ten years ago will not be considered.

To apply, visit the World Habitat website at If you have any questions, please message us at [email protected]. For more details, visit the WHA website. Join us in recognising and promoting innovative solutions for housing around the world.


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