Ingressive For Good (14G) Marketing Scholarship for African Students 2024

In a recent report by LinkedIn in 2022, it was revealed that social media managers rank as the third most sought-after marketing professionals, experiencing the third highest year-on-year career growth. Recognizing the increasing demand for skilled social media marketers, Ingressive For Good has collaborated with Meta to offer a unique opportunity for 1500 African youths to receive free access to comprehensive social media marketing education.


This scholarship program aims to equip participants with a solid foundation in digital marketing and proficiency across major social media platforms. Through the program, you will gain knowledge on creating engaging content, managing content calendars, social media advertising basics, evaluating post-performance, and optimizing marketing campaigns on social media.


Upon successful completion of the training, participants will gain exclusive entry to the I4G Marketing Bootcamp, facilitating preparation for the job market and connections with mentors and fellow alumni. Additionally, participants will receive a professional certificate from Coursera and the chance to undertake the Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certification Exam with two free attempts. Successful candidates will be awarded a Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certification Badge alongside the Coursera certificate.

The 14G Marketing Scholarship is open to African youths, regardless of their prior experience in social marketing. Applicants can access the courses via a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet and are required to have a laptop with a camera for the Meta Certification Exam. The scholarship offers a valuable opportunity for beginners to delve into social media marketing while also providing benefits for those with existing knowledge in the field. The application deadline for this exciting opportunity is February 16, 2024. If you are interested and meet the qualifications, visit Ingressive For Good (I4G) at to submit your application.


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