Imperial College London Shawki Saad PhD Scholarship – African Students 2024

Imperial College London is excited to announce a new scholarship program aimed at supporting PhD students from Sub-Saharan Africa. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will be offering a variety of scholarships to support PhD studies in any areas of research within the department. The scholarship program will be highly competitive, and Imperial College London is looking to attract the most outstanding PhD students to financially support.


The Shawki Saad PhD Scholarship is a fully-funded program that assists students who are ordinarily residents in Sub-Saharan Africa. Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship program must meet the eligibility criteria. The department has one selection process for all the scholarships administered by the College, including the Imperial President’s Scholarships, Imperial CSC Scholarships, and the department’s scholarships.


The Awards Panel considers several factors to assess a student’s academic achievements, such as grades, cohort ranking, awards for achievement, research potential, publications, research experience (e.g., UROP), references, and experience after graduation. The application deadline for the scholarship program is not specified, but three rounds have been set for students to submit their applications. The rounds are as follows: Round 2, deadline 8th January 2024, Round 3, deadline 4th March 2024, and Round 4, deadline 24th June 2024.

To apply for the scholarship program, interested and qualified students can visit Imperial College’s official website and find a PhD supervisor. On the research and academic staff pages of the website, students can help identify topics of interest and potential supervisors. After identifying a preferred supervisor, students can contact them directly to discuss potential projects and funding options. Applicants must also be nominated for funding by their potential PhD supervisors, and funding decisions are made by the PhD Awards Panel. If you have any questions about any of the scholarship schemes or the application process, please contact Sarah Willis at [email protected].


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