ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Scholarship Program for African Students 2024

Since its inception in 1991, the Postgraduate Diploma Programme at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) has nurtured numerous graduates who have progressed to pursue PhDs at esteemed universities globally, particularly in Europe and North America. Many of these alumni have returned to their home countries post-postdoctoral studies abroad, actively engaging in teaching and spearheading advanced research groups. Others have embarked on scientific endeavours in renowned institutions worldwide, maintaining fruitful collaborations with ICTP throughout their professional journeys.


The ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Scholarship offers a gateway to aspiring scholars from developing countries, providing ten yearly scholarships alongside travel grants. This tuition-free opportunity caters to young graduates in physics, mathematics, or related fields, emphasizing candidates from underdeveloped regions. Selection criteria are stringent, focusing on academic excellence, gender balance, and geographical diversity. Successful applicants undergo a rigorous selection process, culminating in coursework, examinations, and dissertation work.


Applicants, typically below 28 years old, must demonstrate proficiency in English and possess a degree equivalent to an MSc in relevant disciplines. Fluency in key subjects such as solid-state physics, quantum mechanics, and mathematics is paramount for aspiring scholars. The application process requires the submission of academic records, English proficiency certificates, and letters of recommendation. If you are passionate about advancing your academic pursuits, seize the opportunity to apply for the ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Scholarship before the deadline on March 15, 2024, through the ICTP e-application platform.


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