IBM Sustainability Accelerator Program For Tech Driven Programs 2024

Dedicated to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11, which aims to create inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities, the IBM Sustainability Accelerator is now welcoming proposals for technology-driven projects that promote urban resiliency in the long term. This initiative seeks to support communities facing environmental challenges by focusing on a new sustainability topic and group of organizations each year.


The IBM Accelerator Program offers numerous benefits, including global impact with local relevance, a two-year duration, no cost for participants, and a special focus on at-risk populations. Collaborating with selected organizations, IBM helps design, develop, and implement technical solutions that directly benefit communities. Participants gain access to platforms like Watnox, IBM Cloud, IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, Red Hat open-source technologies, and technical mentorship to enhance long-term capabilities.


Nonprofit and governmental organizations are encouraged to submit proposals for tech-driven projects that can benefit from hybrid cloud and AI solutions, sustainability software, data science-enabled insights, and expert consulting and design services. The selection process includes a public request for proposals (RFP) open to all eligible organizations, evaluation based on feasibility and impact, compliance checks, and input from IBM experts from various disciplines. The application deadline for the next IBM Sustainability Accelerator cohort is April 30, 2024. If interested and qualified, visit IBM on to apply and be part of this impactful journey towards resilient and sustainable cities.


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