HUBiquitous TecHub Catalyst Program 2024

Introducing the Hubiquitous TecHub Catalyst Program: an initiative aimed at advancing at least 10 African Tech Hubs in the areas of IoT and emerging technologies. The program’s primary focus is to enhance the hubs’ IoT capabilities and foster the development of sustainable, value-added services. The Hub Catalyst Program aims to empower the hubs for technological innovation, skill development, and entrepreneurial growth within their local ecosystems.


The program will provide intensive IoT training to the hub personnel through a “Train the Trainers” program, which includes both virtual and in-person training on cutting-edge technologies. The in-person training will take place in Tanzania for one week, and we will also provide the “Solution Box” package to the hubs. The Solution Box is intended to set up or upgrade the hub’s in-house IoT lab.


Using the acquired competencies, the hubs will launch a short IoT certification course without their community, which includes one hackathon. Each hub will also need to develop or improve two “Minimum Viable Products” with IoT technologies. Finally, all successful hubs will be invited to the “Hubiquitous Innovation Week” in Europe, where they will have the opportunity to present their success stories and demonstrate their MVPs. The event will also offer opportunities for partnerships with European counterparts in Brussels and Berlin.

By joining the program, hubs will enjoy several benefits, including the improvement of their IoT capacity, the acquisition of a complete IoT hardware and software “Solution Box” to create an IoT lab, and the design of new tech services that could be a potential additional revenue stream. Additionally, to help the hubs bootstrap their new services, a contribution of up to €10,000 will be awarded. This contribution can be used for travel expenses reimbursement, event organization (e.g., hackathon), and MVP costs.

To be eligible for the program, TecHubs should have a physical address in an African country or be affiliated with a TecHub or entity based in any African country. They must also be legally registered with a valid certificate of registration within the respective African country.

Interested and qualified parties should visit HUBiquitous on to apply before the application deadline of January 15, 2024. Join us today and take your Tech Hub to the next level!


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