How To Obtain A Visa And University Admission To Study In Canada

Studying in Canada is a dream that many people around the world have, but many students also think that this dream cannot be achieved despite the existence of the dream on the ground, and we personally believe that something as long as it exists can be achieved, no matter how difficult it is, as long as its owner seeks it with confidence.

Today, we will learn together about how to obtain a Canadian study visa, the cost of living in Canada, the costs of studying in Canada, about studying for free in Canada, and about the best institutes and universities in Canada that a person can turn to to complete his studies in Canada


Study visa in Canada:

Getting to know the study visa in Canada is the first step to knowing the requirements for travel and preparing for it financially, and then getting to know the conditions for travel documents such as university admission, after choosing the appropriate Canadian institute or university and then working to meet these requirements.

Study costs in Canada between ratio and proportion:

Some may think that I am exaggerating when I say that the costs of studying in Canada are much cheaper than many other countries. The quality of Canadian education is no less than in something like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc., knowing that universities in Canada always come among the best universities in the world.

I will put a brief summary of the cost of studying in Canada in some universities at the undergraduate level or the first stage, and the costs of studying in Canada for postgraduate studies, which are as follows:


1- The University of Toronto has annual tuition fees ranging from $23,000 to $26,000, noting that the University of Toronto is one of the oldest and best universities in Canada and the world.

2- The University of Montreal has an annual tuition fee of 14,000 to 16,000 dollars.

3- The University of Alberta has an annual tuition fee of $17,000 to $19,000.

Postgraduate tuition fees in Canada

1 – The University of Toronto has an annual tuition fee of 14 to 16 thousand dollars.

2- The University of Montreal has annual tuition fees ranging from 11 to 13 thousand dollars.

3- The University of Alberta has an annual tuition fee of $7,000 to $9,000.

Some Canadian universities:

1 – Queen’s University

It is one of the best and purest universities in Canada, as it is located on the coast of Lake Ontario, which is charming and beautiful, and the area of ​​that university is about one hundred and forty-two acres.

The beginning of its establishment was 1841. At that time, it was studying the origins of the Christian religion as well as other sciences, but in 1864 it was divided into several different faculties such as law, literature, medicine, science and some other faculties.

Queen’s University website here

2 – McGill University

It covers an area of about two hundred and seventy-five acres, and was founded in 1821. This university raised the slogan of the English language while it speaks the French language, and it is one of the world-famous universities.

According to its geographical location, the university is located on the so-called Royal Mountain in the eastern slopes, and the number of its students reaches thirty-five thousand students.

This university is distinguished by the large size of its library, as the library contains five million volumes, and this university specializes in the faculties of medicine in general, dentistry, science, education, engineering in all its branches, music and architecture.

McGill University website here

3 – University of Manitoba

It was established in 1977 and has a total area of six hundred and eighty-five acres. It is considered one of the oldest universities in Canada. The number of students has thirty thousand students. It contains a large number of faculties in various disciplines, including faculties of law, literature, science, health rehabilitation, pharmacy, and engineering in various sciences, such as agriculture, food, and physical education. The university covers medical fields such as the Faculty of Human Medicine, Dentistry, Arts, Music, Social Work and Financial Management.

The University of Manitoba website is here

4 – McMaster University

It was founded in 1898 and has an area of approximately 300 hectares. As for building the university, it was based on Canadian rites, and it is considered the oldest Canadian university.

Since its inception, it includes ten thousand students in the university, and it has a group of specialized faculties in the faculties of medical sciences, pure sciences, social sciences, engineering, medicine, and business administration.

University website here

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