Green Entrepreneur Ashden International Awards For Developing Countries 2024

The Ashden Green Entrepreneur Awards are a prestigious annual event that offers winners a prize of up to £25,000 and ongoing development support. The awards showcase the most innovative approaches to sustainable energy and climate change and put winners in front of funders, investors, policymakers, journalists, and others who know the unique value of an Ashden Award and the strength of our rigorous assessment process.


Winning an Ashden Award comes with a range of benefits. The prize money can be £10,000 or £25,000, depending on which award you win. The award brings the prestige of being named one of the world’s top sustainability awards. The Ashden Award’s rigorous assessment process is well-known to investors, policymakers, academics, and other experts in the sustainable energy and climate change sector around the world.


Winners also become members of the Ashden alumni network, which facilitates learning and opportunities to create productive partnerships. Ashden provides opportunities to present your work to large and influential audiences at the Ashden Awards ceremony and other events. Ashden’s communication team gets winners exposure in newspapers and magazines, on television and radio, and a wide range of online platforms.

Ashden also provides tailored support from its programme team to grow or replicate your work, such as professional mentoring, training, help raising finance and investment, and media and communications support. Winners also have the chance to participate in a program of free masterclasses to help them get to grips with a wide range of practical issues. Additionally, there is an opportunity for winners to participate in the Sustainable Towns and Cities program of work, where Ashden embeds winners’ approaches into policy and practice.

To be shortlisted and win an award, all applicants must satisfy certain eligibility criteria. Businesses, NGOs, government organizations, social enterprises, and community groups are all eligible. The work submitted for an award must be currently available to customers, clients, or beneficiaries, and the applicant must show an innovative approach to their work. The applicant’s work must have the potential to create a significant impact, and the applicant must show good governance and management.

If you are interested in applying for the Ashden Green Entrepreneur Awards, the application deadline is January 25, 2024. To apply, you must visit the Ashden website and complete the online application form. Applications can be made in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, or Arabic. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ashden via email at [email protected].


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