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Google Summer of Code For Students (Get Paid To Write Code) 2024

Google Summer of Code is a prestigious, global initiative that focuses on engaging new contributors in the realm of open-source software development. Participants, known as GSoC Contributors, collaborate with open source organizations on a 12+ week programming project, all while receiving valuable guidance from experienced mentors in the field.


One of the standout features of Google Summer of Code is its emphasis on providing students with real-world exposure to software development practices, thereby enhancing their employability prospects in fields related to their academic interests. By fostering these collaborations, the program not only benefits the individual participants but also contributes to the growth of open-source projects by attracting fresh talent and expanding the pool of available source code for wider utilization.

To be eligible for Google Summer of Code, applicants must meet certain criteria, including being at least eighteen years old, enrolled in or accepted into an accredited educational institution, and capable of working in their country of residence for the program’s duration. Additionally, specific restrictions apply to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure fairness in participant selection. If you are intrigued by this exciting opportunity, the application deadline for the upcoming program is set for April 2, 2024. For those keen on applying, visit to kickstart your journey towards becoming a part of this transformative experience.

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