Goi Peace Foundation International Essay Contest for Young People 2024

The Goi Peace Foundation International annual essay contest serves as a platform to engage the global youth in fostering a culture of peace and sustainable development. Through this initiative, young minds are encouraged to share their experiences of overcoming conflicts, inspiring others to reflect on individual contributions towards a harmonious world. Aligned with UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development goals, the contest aims to empower the youth to drive positive change and advocate for peacebuilding efforts.


Participants in the contest have the opportunity to showcase their writing skills and insights on the theme “My Experience of Overcoming Conflict.” Awards are presented in different categories, with prizes including certificates, monetary rewards, and gifts for outstanding entries. Winners are invited to a special online gathering, with additional accolades for schools demonstrating excellence in participation.


To enter the competition, individuals up to 25 years old can submit essays of 700 words or less in English, French, or Japanese. Submissions must be original, typed, and adhere to the specified guidelines. The deadline for applications is June 15, 2024. Those interested in applying can visit the official website of the Goi Peace Foundation to participate and contribute to the promotion of peace and sustainability through their narratives of conflict resolution.


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