GOAL NextGen Youth Program 2024

Join GOAL’s NextGen Youth Programme and embark on a transformative journey alongside young individuals worldwide to delve into global justice issues and enhance your understanding of Global Citizenship. This unique initiative is designed to empower driven changemakers to explore critical topics such as conflict, climate, and gender, culminating in the creation of impactful awareness materials that will contribute to GOAL’s public engagement efforts.


Throughout the 2024 Programme, comprising 10 online sessions and 3 in-person sessions for participants in Ireland, you will collaborate with peers globally to cultivate essential skills in critical thinking, intercultural communication, project management, teamwork, and the execution of public awareness campaigns. By participating, you will gain the ability to comprehend the intricate interconnections within our world, analyze and challenge systems perpetuating inequalities, and engage in constructive dialogues with empathy and collaboration.


To be eligible for this enriching experience, you must meet specific requirements, including being a resident of select countries, aged between 18 and 25, proficient in English, and available for the scheduled seminars. Successful applicants will receive stipends to support their participation, covering internet/data costs and potential travel expenses. If you are passionate about effecting positive change and eager to expand your knowledge through artistic avenues, seize this opportunity to apply before the April 1st deadline at GOAL’s website and take the first step towards becoming a catalyst for global change.


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