GI-TOC 2024 Resilience Fellowship Program

Discover an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in communities impacted by organized crime and violence through the GI-TOC Resilience Fellowship Program. This initiative is a cornerstone of the Resilience Fund, generously initiated by the government of Norway and further supported by the governments of Germany, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. The program collaborates with various international organizations and NGOs globally, aiming to empower civil society individuals and groups dedicated to combating criminal governance and the disruptions caused by organized crime.

For the year 2024, the fellowship is specifically seeking ten dedicated civil society actors who are actively supporting communities in fragile environments, particularly those grappling with conflict. These communities are often the most susceptible to the ravages of organized crime, as highlighted by the alarming insights from the 2023 Global Organized Crime Index. The fellowship, therefore, focuses on fostering resilience and fortifying community responses to these critical challenges.


The GI-TOC Resilience Fellowship offers a substantial support package, with each fellow receiving a total of US$15,000, distributed in three instalments. This funding is intended to back projects that adhere to high standards of professionalism and integrity. Applicants are expected to have expertise in fields like journalism, activism, community leadership, or any relevant sector that aligns with the fellowship’s mission to strengthen community resilience against organized crime.

Eligible candidates should be proficient in English, Spanish, or French and possess a deep commitment to addressing issues in high-risk conflict zones. The selection process will focus on the relevance of the proposed solutions, feasibility, and the applicant’s capacity to enact change. Applications are open until May 25, 2024, and must be submitted through the specified online form on the GI-TOC website. This is a unique chance to join a global network of dedicated fellows working towards a common goal of societal resilience and justice. For more information and to apply, visit the GI-TOC application portal directly.

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