Fully-funded One Young World Engage Billions Scholarship 2024

In 2024, the world is set to witness a historic moment in democracy as an unprecedented number of voters, representing nearly half of the global population, will participate in elections across at least 60 countries. This monumental event marks a crucial time for the future of both global governance and environmental sustainability. As we approach a critical juncture in the fight against climate change, the decisions made at the polls will play a pivotal role in determining the pace and success of the transition to a net-zero world. Amidst this backdrop of significant electoral engagement and environmental challenges, the BMW Group is stepping forward to empower the next generation of climate policy advocates through the Engage Billions Scholarship initiative.

This groundbreaking scholarship aims to assemble young leaders who are at the forefront of advocating for robust climate policies, supported by a wide democratic base. Recipients of the Engage Billions Scholarship will have the unique opportunity to attend the One Young World Summit 2024 in Montréal, joining forces with BMW Group’s global delegation. The program extends beyond the summit, offering scholars a chance to participate in the exclusive “Welcome! New Parliament” event in Brussels, a gathering that unites young influencers from the realms of business, policy-making, and non-governmental organizations within the heart of European policy-making.


The Engage Billions Scholarship covers all aspects of participation, including travel expenses, accommodation, catering, and transport during the summit dates from September 17-21, 2024, as well as for the Brussels event. Eligible candidates are young leaders (aged 18-30 by May 2024) actively contributing to the advancement of democratic engagement in climate policy, boasting at least two years of experience in relevant roles. The application deadline is set for May 1, 2024. For those driven to make a tangible impact on the world’s climate policy landscape through the power of democracy, visit the BMW Group’s page on to apply and take part in shaping a sustainable future.

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