Fully-funded Foreign Students by Japanese Government 2024

In a unique partnership, the Japanese Government and the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation have come together to present an exceptional opportunity for international students. They are offering scholarships aimed at those aspiring to pursue Master’s or Doctoral degree programs at Japanese graduate schools for the academic year 2024-2025. This initiative is designed to support foreign scholars who have chosen Japan as their destination for higher education, whether they are just commencing or planning to embark on their graduate studies.

Funded by the Japanese Government, this scholarship caters specifically to international students seeking to further their education in Japan at the Master’s or Doctoral level. It stands out as a fully-funded scholarship, promising several awards to eligible candidates. The scholarship intends not just to facilitate academic pursuits but also to foster international goodwill and understanding. Regardless of nationality or field of research, this scholarship embraces diversity, allowing applicants to apply directly to the foundation, bypassing any university pre-selection.


The scholarship benefits include a generous monthly stipend throughout the minimum period needed to complete the degree, varying from ¥210,000 for shorter programs to ¥160,000 for programs extending up to five years. Eligibility criteria are straightforward but comprehensive, focusing on international students outside Japan without Japanese citizenship, with specific age requirements for different programs and an emphasis on the applicant’s commitment to contributing to their home country and international friendship post-study.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to apply online, providing all necessary documentation through the designated “Online application system.” Successful applicants will be issued an application number, crucial for the announcement of the awardees on the foundation’s website. The deadline for application submissions is set for April 30, 2024. For more detailed information and to begin the application process, interested students should visit the official scholarship website. This scholarship not only offers a pathway to advanced education in Japan but also the chance to be part of a broader community dedicated to global understanding and cooperation.

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