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Fulbright Scholarship 2023 USA | Fully Funded

Scholarship Description:

Fulbright Foreign Student Program or Fulbright Scholarship is offered by the us congress through an annual approbation to the us department of the state it provides funding for international students, scholars, and professionals to pursue academic teaching opportunities. It’s an exchange program designed to encourage mutual understanding between nations through the cultural and educational exchange.

The scholarship program is given to thousands of international students in 155 countries, from lower socio-economic households and disadvantaged countries, minorities, and those who are from an underrepresented background. About 4,000 foreign students around the world get Fulbright scholarships each year.


The award is a merit-based and fully-funded scholarship that offers from two to five years of funding for graduate and PhD students at a U.S university.

The selection is made based on several factors including academic qualifications, leadership skills, English language abilities, academic goals while in the us, and commitment to returning to home country in order to share new skills and expertise with others.

Who can apply for this Scholarship?

To be a part of The Fulbright International Student Program, the student must have completed undergraduate education and hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree, also the applicant must be from one of the 155 Fulbright countries.

What are the benefits of the Scholarship?

Generally, the scholarship covers tuition fees, airfare, living allowance, health insurance, etc. The amount and benefits differ from country to country.

How to apply for Fulbright Scholarship?

International students must apply through the Binational Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or through the US embassy in their home countries. To apply for this program, applicants need to collect various materials to help the binational commissions/foundations assess their qualifications, all materials have to be submitted with their application.

Applicants need to visit the official scholarship website to get more information about the application guideline in their home country as well as eligibility criteria and more details.

N/B: the deadline varies per country

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