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Fruit Pickers Jobs In Canada, Application and Requirements 

Fruit picking jobs in Canada are highly sought after by job seekers from all over the world. The Canadian government has revealed more than 1 million jobs, and fruit picking jobs with visa sponsorship are one of the jobs that the government requires. 


 Information on the requirements and application process for fruit picker jobs in Canada is carefully provided here.

Requirements for Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada 

Fruit picking jobs in Canada are a popular option for job seekers, both domestic and international. To be eligible for these jobs, applicants must be at least 18 years old and physically fit to engage in manual labor. There are no specific educational requirements for fruit picking jobs, but prior experience in the agricultural industry is preferred. 

To apply for fruit picking jobs in Canada, job seekers can search for job listings on various platforms, including Job Bank, farm websites, and recruitment agencies. Necessary documents for the application process may include a resume, cover letter, and references. 

For international applicants, visa requirements may apply, and they may need to apply for a Temporary Foreign Worker Permit (TFWP) to be allowed to work in Canada. 

To apply for the TFWP, applicants must apply to an employer that has proven their sector is on the Canadian national commodity, which most fruits grown in Canada are. The job being undertaken must be considered on-farm primary agriculture, meaning the position must have a Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) code of 80,020; 80021; 80022;82030; 84120; 85,101 and 85100. 

Job Description 

Fruit picking jobs in Canada are in high demand, offering a gateway for job seekers to experience outdoor work and potential visa sponsorship opportunities. These jobs encompass various roles, including apple pickers, berry pickers, and vegetable pickers, and are typically available on fruit, vegetable, and specialty crop farms. 

The typical work activities involve preparing and irrigating soil, planting, fertilizing, harvesting crops, sorting, weighing, and packing fruits and vegetables, as well as general farm maintenance and cleaning. 

Fruit picking jobs in Canada are known for their seasonal nature, with working hours often dependent on the harvest season. The demand for labor typically increases during harvest periods, offering individuals the opportunity to engage in temporary work that aligns with the seasonal needs of the agricultural industry.

These jobs offer several benefits, including earning potential, outdoor work experience, and the opportunity for travel and cultural exchange. Additionally, for international applicants, the promise of visa sponsorship adds an extra layer of attraction to these opportunities. 

The average annual wage for fruit pickers in Canada is $27,300, with the potential for skilled workers to earn up to $30,284 annually. Furthermore, visa sponsorship opportunities provide a pathway for individuals to work and experience Canadian culture and nature.


Fruit picking jobs in Canada offer an enticing opportunity for both domestic and international workers, with the promise of visa sponsorship adding to their appeal. The seasonal nature of these positions, the potential for earning competitive wages, and the chance to experience Canadian culture make them a compelling option for job seekers. 

To explore job opportunities and begin the application process, interested individuals can visit platforms such as Job Bank, farm websites, and recruitment agencies. For international applicants, understanding the necessary visa requirements, such as the Temporary Foreign Worker Permit, is crucial to pursuing these roles. 

The abundance of fruit crops, including apples, grapes, and berries, presents a diverse array of options for those considering fruit picking jobs in Canada. If you are ready to embark on this fruitful journey, start your application today and discover the unique joys of fruit picking in Canada.

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