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First Miss Sustainable Development Goal (MSDG) Nigeria Beauty Pageant For Young Nigerians 2024

4 months ago


First Miss Sustainable Development Goal (MSDG) Nigeria Beauty Pageant For Young Nigerians 2024

The MSDGN SDGs Beauty Contest 2024 is not just a typical beauty pageant; it is a groundbreaking platform that fuses the elegance of beauty competitions with the significance of global sustainability objectives. Miss Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG) Nigeria, a branch of the Miss Global Goals International pageant (MGGIP), is on a mission to promote women’s empowerment through self-assurance, social accountability, and a strong dedication to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The benefits of participating in the MSDG Beauty Pageant are far-reaching, offering the crowned queen a generous prize package that includes a cash award of 1 million naira, along with a trophy, crown, robe, sceptre, and other gifts. Additionally, the winner receives a year-long makeup opportunity, a vacation trip, modelling prospects, sponsorship deals, and more. These rewards not only acknowledge the winner’s beauty, intelligence, and dedication but also equip her to advance her advocacy efforts and create meaningful change.


Aspiring contestants must meet specific requirements to qualify for this life-changing opportunity, including being between 18 and 30 years old, being Nigerian nationals, in good physical and mental health, and possessing good character and communication skills. The selection process involves various criteria, such as interviews, academic excellence, community service, talent showcase, and social media engagement. To apply, interested individuals can visit the Miss Sustainable Development Goal (MSDG) website and fill out the online form, along with creating a brief introduction video to showcase their aspirations. The competition not only celebrates beauty but also emphasizes intellectual prowess, social responsibility, and a commitment to global sustainability goals.

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