Fate Foundation Digital Accelerator Program for Nigerian Students 2024

Introducing an innovative opportunity in partnership with Youth Business International (YBI), The ScaleUp Lab by FATE Foundation proudly presents the Digital Accelerator for Creatives. This groundbreaking initiative is meticulously crafted to equip entrepreneurs with the essential digital tools and knowledge crucial for achieving success in the modern business landscape. Throughout an intensive month-long journey, participants will delve into the transformative power of digital solutions, learning how to leverage them to revolutionize their businesses, connect with wider audiences, and drive significant growth.


Key Components of the Program:


Fate Foundation Digital Accelerator Program: At the program’s conclusion, participants will emerge equipped with a clear roadmap to utilize digital innovations effectively, achieve financial sustainability, and thrive in the dynamic Theatre, Film, and Television (TFT) industry. The Digital Accelerator for Creatives empowers entrepreneurs to embrace the digital era, uncover new growth avenues, and bring their creative visions to fruition.

Requirements and Selection Process: Tailored for growth-stage businesses within the vibrant TFT sector, this program is designed for entrepreneurs who understand the transformative potential of digital tools and aim to capitalize on them for substantial business advancement. From Film and Television Production to Costume Design, Stunt Coordination, and beyond, businesses across the TFT spectrum are encouraged to apply. The application deadline for this transformative journey is March 6, 2024. Interested and qualified individuals can apply at FATE Foundation’s website on Join us in unlocking digital opportunities and propelling your creative vision to new heights!


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